Our Ethics

The originality of our methodology, centered on the telephone interview, allows optimal conditions of non-discrimination in hiring.

The assessment is carried out by an in-depth telephone interview. This approach allows us to focus on professional skills and motivation. Each application is treated with the utmost respect, whether it be applicants or companies.

Non-discrimination – No selection of candidates is made on the basis of age, sex, origin, physical appearance, genetic characteristics, surname, ethnicity or non-ethnicity, nation or race, family situation, pregnancy, mores, sexual orientation, political opinions, union or mutual activities, religious beliefs, state of health or disability.

Confidentiality – We respect the information provided by candidates and companies and we undertake not to disclose any of them without their prior agreement.

Image – Our role is to be the ambassadors of the companies to the candidates and vice versa. As such, we take extreme care to convey a positive, professional and respectful image.

Follow-up on applications – We provide a response to all applications: written within 15 days when it is negative and oral when it is positive. In addition, we are at the disposal of the candidates to argue these answers.

Taking controlled references – We undertake not to take professional references without the explicit agreement of the candidates.

Integration monitoring – Throughout the hiring period, we act as an advisor to the candidates placed and carry out a review in the middle of the trial period.

Ethics and moral contract – We agree not to carry out identical recruitment missions that may lead to conflicts of interest. In return, we ask our customers for exclusivity for better efficiency of the direct approach. For two years after the last contract with our customers, we undertake not to approach its staff.

Respect for the Environment – Through our telephone action, we reduce the travel of candidates and thus favor the protection of the environment. Also involved on a daily basis in an ecological approach, we seek to optimize our consumption (paper, ink, petrol, etc.) and reduce our environmental impact (sorting of waste, recovery of materials).