Our mission: finding the four leaf clover, the needle in the haystack, the hidden gem…

Headhunters since 1997, the DBAO Group enables companies and their HR managers to uncover the best candidate. Our area of expertise: finding the ideal match by understanding their professional motivations, their needs, and those of the hiring companies.

Whoever calls themselves an expert, should know their market like the back of their hand.

It is with this mentality that we help managers make the best possible decision. Education, profiles, and advancement aspirations; we study the major professional trends in detail and advise on the best sourcing strategy, as well as which profiles to seek out.

Recruiting is good. Doing it in the best possible way is better.

“How do I measure the efficiency of my recruitment process? “. This is a question that Human Resources departments know well. Our answer: to provide them with neutral and detailed information on the quality and costs of recruiting, cycle time, and talent sourcing effectiveness.

There is a life after recruitment.

And not a simple one: the recruit will discover a new company culture and build new professional relationships. This is why we always accompany their integration.



Our role is to be your ambassadors. As such, we take extreme care to convey a positive, professional and respectful image.

Direct Approach allows applications from people who are inaccessible through methods such as advertising. With more than 20 years of experience in Direct Approach for middle & top management positions, DBAO group offers companies :

  • A solid knowledge of businesses and organizations
  • Expertise in identification & evaluation of candidates both in France and internationally.
  • A dedicated team of 3 people for each recruitment, consisting of a Partner + 1 Research Manager + 1 Research Associate.
  • Recognized personality assessment tools
  • An agile, flexible and human-sized structure able to offer you a “tailor-made” offer adapted to your needs.

A retainer is a partnership agreement with a company that allows the creation of a dedicated database onto one or more specific skills to anticipate recurring recruitment needs (sales, marketing, production, profit centre management, etc.) and thus reduce search time.

The retainer contracts cover periods of at least 6 months with a monthly subscription and a fixed fee for each recruitment.

The recruitment of senior executives very often necessitates an evaluation that goes beyond the strict framework of skills required for the position. In order to best respond to the strategic challenge of selecting a leader, DBAO Group offers a rigorous analysis of the candidates’ leadership styles.

Using a program adapted to each company, we devote a half-day to each topic, observing the following sequence:

  • Career path review
  • Understanding intrinsic motivation
  • Applying potential to the client’s environment
  • Exploring advancement needs

Conducted with respect for the candidate, the assessment results in a detailed confidential report given to the client company, and an in-depth debrief with each of the candidates as well.

After recruitment, integration is always a key phase during which the new manager must give up a past frame of reference to adapt to the values and culture of their new environment. 

In order to facilitate this adjustment and enable the new manager to fully express their skills, the DBAO Group offers specialized support: integration coaching.

After having defined clear objectives and criteria for success with the recruit and their manager, DBAO group supports the coachee over a 6 month period in the building of his or her new professional identity.

Thanks to its knowledge of companies and its expertise in business lines, DBAO group helps you to understand the organizations of a sector.

In a confidential and anonymous manner, DBAO group leads a study of the major trends in a profession in terms of education, salary, profiles and career development wishes.

This strategic information is a valuable decision-making tool for managers.


Our role is to help you in your career development. We care to provide you with relevant information & follow-up.

No selection of candidates shall be made on the basis of age, sex, origin, physical appearance, genetic characteristics, surname, ethnicity, nation or race, family status, pregnancy, morals, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union or mutualist activities, religious beliefs, state of health or disability.

The entire DBAO group team has been trained in non-discrimination by the Association “A compétences égales”.

DBAO group respects the confidentiality of information provided by candidates and companies and undertakes not to divulge any of them without their prior agreement.

In accordance with the GDPR, any person in contact with DBAO group may access, rectify, delete or oppose the processing of their personal data.

+ more information in privacy policy

All candidates shortlisted by DBAO group have a free access to the ASSESSFIRST evaluation platform which allows them to evaluate their personality, to assess their potential brain, and identify sources of motivation. 

DBAO group provides an answer to all applications: written when negative and oral when positive. In addition, our team will happily provide explaination to any candidate who would like to comment a negative answer.

Throughout the hiring period, DBAO group supports hired candidates and carries out an integration assessment in the middle of the trial period.